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What We Do At AAGALA

#AAGALA has loads of #animalassisted #humaneeducation based activities & programs for children, youth, adults of all abilities. We are dedicated to fostering a more compassionate, inclusive & sustainable world through animal assisted humane education.

Come along to our facility in #Glenreagh, NSW to meet some new animal mates at our weekend social gatherings & group activities, make independence & #capacitybuilding a priority with our Skills for Humane Living Programs or ask about specialised workshops for kids & teenagers self-esteem, empathy & emotion regulation.

AAGALA also run animal assisted, humane focused organisational development programs for businesses & corporations of all shapes & sizes.

We work with many #NDIS clients & work with YOU to setup individual #capacitybuilding programs utilising #Neurofeedback & a wide variety of animal assisted interventions, including #equineexperientiallearning activities, #ecotherapy & learning for #humaneliving activities. We can come to you, or you can come to AAGALA at Glenreagh. As an NDIS client we will help YOU choose the right type of support from our extensive list of services. You then decide when and where you receive it. We provide relevant progress reports for you along the way.

AAGALA provide 1 on 1 animal assisted Learning activities, Ecotherapy, #Neurotherapy / neurofeedback, Psychotherapy and Counselling for adults and children living with a #disAbility, addiction, learning issues or injury or for anyone just needing time out from a busy life.

If you suffer from #stress, #anxiety, #PTSD, #Depression, #Sleepdisorders, #ADD, #ADHD or have a need for #peakperformance then we are certified #NeurOptimal Neurofeedback practitioners & can setup individual, family & organisational packages to suit your #braintraining needs, timeframe & budget.

At AAGALA, we are highly qualified, experienced, credentialed & insured practitioners. Our much loved team of #horses, #guineapigs, #parrot, #chickens & other farm animals are pivotal in providing structured (goal oriented) or unstructured opportunities for motivational, educational, therapeutic and/or recreational outcomes to enhance your quality of life & help you be the best human being you can be.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!

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