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AAGALA's humane centred programs are like no other in our region. Our much loved team of animals are at the core of your unique learning experiences. 

We provide therapeutic animal assisted learning & capacity building programs, Nature Based Learning & NeurOptimal Neurofeedback brain training packages to help you be the best humane being you can be.

NDIS clients. Individuals. Groups. Corporate. Schools. Youth Groups. Conference Groups.

AAGALA have a large selection of humane focused, animal assisted Individual Capacity Building (ICB) programs for people with disability, their carers, families & supporting organisations. Our

 unique & flexible programs focus on social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and behavioural domains to help us all be the best humane beings we can be.


We work with many different clients populations, individually or in groups. We have programs to assist with chronic pain management, learning challenges, PTSD, trauma, grief & loss, disengaged learners & youth, returning servicemen and women, and work with all neurodiverse age groups and populations as we have lived experience as autists, and ADHDer's and believe we all have the capacity to develop our superpowers with the right support and encouragement.


AAGALA can also develop uniquely individual education and training programs for your business or group on a broad range or topics & skills areas. We are professional educators, so we will happily discuss your needs and then put together a bespoke program, short course or presentation to meet your specific requirements and budget.

AAGALA also provide interpersonal skills development programs for medical students and healthcare professionals to help them be the best healers they can be.

If you need to wow your conference delegates with a unique and memorable organisational capacity building experience, or prefer to enable staff to be the best humane employees they can be via a unique humane focused conference presentation, AAGALA is your organisation. AAGALA's Humane Team can present and / or facilitate alone or with our small and / or large animal partners [if allowed]. You can hold a conference session or workshop at our beautiful education facility located in Glenreagh, just 25 minutes out of Coffs Harbour or we can come to present at your venue. 

Personal Development 1 on 1 training or group Workshops

Grow & Develop humanely with inter-species empathy, well honed critical thinking skills & social skills to help you be the best humane being you can be.

AAGALA is here to help you achieve your goals. Please get in touch & we can work out how we can work together.

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

Developed by Clinical Psychologists, NeurOptimal® is an advanced neuro-technology that offers training to the brain, enabling it to function at its best. It's mathematically designed to communicate directly with your central nervous system and has been called “the most effective bio-hack on this planet”.  Completely drug free NeurOptimal® can help ANY brain be the very best brain it can be. Refer to our Testimonials page for more information on how it has helped some of our clients, or contact AAGALA for more information and a complimentary introductory session if you would like to give it a try, hire or buy a system for your personal or NDIS client needs. It is truly a remarkable brain training system like nothing seen before.

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