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NDIS Clients

Innovative Programs to help you be the best humane being you can be

AAGALA offers a wide variety of flexible and innovative individual programs and group workshops for people with disability.


We service a growing number of clients on the NDIS.


Carers, family members & therapeutic team members report AAGALA clients are calmer, more present and focused when around our animals, which lasts long after their sessions here on farm or at your home (for small animal assisted learning programs only). Our clients and support teams observe they can focus for longer periods of time, are less anxious and generally happier when participating in our humane focused learning activities such as grooming horses, puzzle solving, observation activities and leading horses over obstacles in our specially designed equine playpen.


It has been observed that our neurodiverse clients will often interact very differently in the presence of our animals at AAGALA or during neurofeedback sessions then they do in any other situation in their daily lives.


Our guinea pig, chicken and horse programs have been designed to assist clients to start to express themselves in ways that their family members and therapy team members seldom see. Once our clients are able to gain a closer understanding of how they can ask for and receive co-operation from AAGALA's animal team members their confidence, critical thinking & communication skills and self esteem increases dramatically positively impacting their daily lives.


AAGALA's programs ensure appropriate, safe and meaningfully crafted animal assisted programs can help people with disability to find more balance, serenity and happiness in their lives.


When there is consideration, thoughtfulness, awareness and kindness present in a relationship between the client and any of AAGALA's animal team members, such behaviours translate into improved daily living experiences and more meaningful social interactions. When a balance in these life skills is understood and accepted by our clients, they can then draw upon these skills and start to apply them in other relationships in their lives.

All animals give us feedback without filters if we are mindful and present. Their only agenda is safety. A person who is consistent, respectful, congruent, compassionate, purposeful, honest, responsible, confident and able to communicate effectively – both in expressing and listening, is considered by a an animal to be safe. Animals are non judgemental and will show us what we need to know and learn to develop these qualities. These are the very same qualities that humans look for in colleagues, leaders, peers and personal relationships and they are a very important part of what helps us be the very best humane being we can be.

AAGALA also offers Neurofeedback brain training under the NDIS and we have observed many positive and very  dramatic changes in client mood, communication, sleep, temperament, learning, memory, addiction behaviours and desires and social participation. We can also assist you with the hire and // or purchase of a personal, home NeurOptimal Neurofeedback device under NDIS. Just ask me how if interested.

AAGALA also offers nature based learning experiences under NDIS. Nature-based learning (NBL), is learning through exposure to nature and nature-based activities. NBL occurs in natural settings and where elements of nature have been brought into existing built environments. At AAGALA we focus on plants, animals, and water as our education facilities include a work in progress food forest, vegetable gardens, nature walks and cooking facilities at Glenreagh, NSW, Australia.


AAGALA's NBL Programs encompass capacity building focused learning outcomes in line with NDIS requirements and desired outcomes via knowledge building, skills development (according to client needs), values, attitudes and self esteem development to enhance academic achievement, personal development, social participation and client environmental stewardship. All to help our clients to be the best humane being they can be.

Please give AAGALA a call so we can help with your NDIS support programs needs today.

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