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Animal Assisted Growth & Learning Australia

Building Better Beings

Animal Assisted Growth & Learning Australia (AAGALA) has developed a unique range of humane centred, therapeutic focused, animal assisted learning programs that are self empowering and behavior-based.

AAGALA addresses the skill set as well as the mindset. Set on a beautiful 42 acre farm overlooking Sherwood Cliffs in Glenreagh, NSW - 30 minutes from Coffs Harbour & the airport - we aim to provide a green oasis like no other, to reconnect our clients with nature and animals, to pause, to learn, to reflect...To assist our clients to be the best humane being they can be.

AAGALA's Services

AAGALA offers a broad range of animal assisted, humane-focused animal assisted education, animal assisted activities, animal assisted learning (including personal development, and social emotional learning) programs and neurofeedback brain training to a growing number of NDIS, private, education & corporate clients. We are highly skilled & experienced educators with extensive training and experience in broad areas of business, environmental science, education, neuroscience & counseling. AAGALA excels in individual & group client engagement, personal growth and learning.

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Innovative Programs to help you be the best humane being you can be

AAGALA offers a wide variety of flexible and innovative individual programs and group workshops for people with disability. We service a growing number of clients on the NDIS.


Carers, family members & therapeutic team members report AAGALA clients are calmer, more present and focused when around our animals, which lasts long after their sessions here on farm or at your home (for small animal assisted learning programs only). Our clients and support teams observe they can focus for longer periods of time, are less anxious and generally happier when participating in our humane focused learning activities such as grooming, puzzle solving, observation activities and leading horses over obstacles in our specially designed equine playpen.


It has been observed that our autistic clients will often interact very differently in the presence of our animals at AAGALA or during neurofeedback sessions then they do in any other situation in their daily lives.


Our guinea pig, chicken and horse programs have been designed to assist clients to start to express themselves in ways that their family members and therapy team members seldom see. Once our clients are able to gain a closer understanding of how they can ask for and receive co-operation from AAGALA's animal team members their confidence, critical thinking & communication skills and self esteem increases dramatically which them starts to positively impact on their daily lives.


AAGALA's programs ensure appropriate, safe and meaningfully crafted animal assisted programs can help people living with disability feel calmer, happier and more confident. When there is consideration, thoughtfulness, awareness and kindness present in a therapeutic relationship between the client and any of AAGALA's animal team members, we see this translate into improved daily living experiences and more meaningful social interactions for our clients. When a balance in these life skills is understood and accepted by our clients, they can then draw upon these skills and start to apply them in other relationships in their lives.

All animals give us feedback without filters if we are mindful and present. Their only agenda is safety. A person who is consistent, respectful, congruent, compassionate, purposeful, honest, responsible, confident and able to communicate effectively – both in expressing and listening, is considered by a an animal to be safe. Animals are non judgemental and will show us what we need to know and learn to develop these qualities. These are the very same qualities that humans look for in colleagues, leaders, peers and personal relationships and they are a very important part of what helps us be the very best humane being we can be.

Please give AAGALA a call so we can help with your NDIS support programs needs today.

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Schools, Corporate & Not for Profit Business

Humane focused programs, workshops, conference presentations, leadership & interpersonal skills training on farm or at your venue...

AAGALA is dedicated to fostering a more compassionate, socially just and sustainable world through humane focused experiential learning. We are one of the few Australian businesses with humane education as one of its core missions. We are in a unique position to help extend humane education into schools, corporate & not for profit business environments.

We can also work with you to design joint humane education, community & corporate service projects with your organisation or not for profit to help build compassionate businesses and communities focusing on developing social, emotional & critical thinking skills as well as sustainability and social justice knowledge and skills.


NeurOptimal Neurofeedback

Brain training that helps your brain to be the very best it can be.

Neurofeedback is becoming increasingly popular globally and across Australia.

NeurOptimal (NO) is a unique and dynamic form of neurofeedback (NF) that will help your brain to be the best it can be no matter whether you are dealing with addiction, stress, anxiety, Learning disorders, sleep issues, eating disorders, chronic pain, or a broad array of psychological issues, if you are neurodiverse or suffering from physical disabilities or health issues such as stroke, migraines, MS, Parkinsons Disease or Alzheimer's etc. NO is like no other form of NF and could be an effective programme for you, no matter what your age and capabilities.

NO can also help to improve mental focus and strength for athletes seeking to boost their performance.

Neurofeedback is completely non-invasive and does not involve any medication. It’s a unique dynamic brain training system that helps take advantage of your own brain's natural resources - your central nervous system.

NO has been approved by the FDA in the USA to assist with relaxation for many health issues. It has also been endorsed by the American Pediatric Academy as a

“Level 1/Best Support” practice for children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 

AAGALA offer 1 off sessions, bulk buy packages (the most cost effective way to purchase sessions) and we can come to you for a small fee or you can come to us. If you come to the farm we can offer combined sessions with our humane focused animal experntial learning activities, infrared sauna, red light therapeutic treatments, Nature Based Learning Programs and more. We can even offer gift vouchers  for1/2 day and full day AAGALA Immersion Experiences.

AAGALA can also arrange the hire of NeurOptimal units for personal home use and we can assist you with the purchase of your own personal unit for your home or workplace and for yoNDIS supports.

AAGALA is more than happy to provide you or your client with a complimentary session to see if this brain training program can help your brain to be the best it can be. Please contact us today for more information.

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